Anny Duff yearned for quality, sustainable hemp linen clothing that didn't compromise her minimal, clean aesthetic, and so, B.GOODS LABEL was born. We sat down with Anny to chat about her label, and how sustainability is changing the way we buy.

Hi Anny, how are you?

Very well thank you!

We first met at The Big design Market last year, and I instantly appreciated your focus on sustainable, quality, and locally made products. Where did B.Goods Label come from?

I was working in film and television as an Art Director and had a real desire to build something of my own that I could be precious about. I grew up on an organic farm my parents lovingly built from the ground up so I really wanted to reconnect with my sustainable upbringing.

So much of my work as an Art Director is sourcing and bringing good aesthetic components together, B GOODS LABEL was born from the drive to give back and build something that could be an alternative for the conscientious and like-minded people like yourself who were looking for ethical clothing that didn't compromise on good design.


I think we’re experiencing a real shift towards sustainable fashion; I know it’s been a major value point for our customers. How do you think people are changing the way they shop?

There is a real demand for transparency now that has come from people seeing how bad the industry can be when we don't ask questions about where our products come from. Its an exciting time for those of us who are trying to embrace this philosophy in every aspect of running a business and every part of the supply chain. We all have a responsibility to be more aware, and to be at the forefront of the push towards a more mindful way of living and working.

Your designs are very simple and natural; from where do you draw your inspiration?

I draw inspiration from the beauty and simplicity of the natural environment, as well as good, classic and timeless design. I love cultures and places that embrace minimalist aesthetics, like Japan and Scandinavia.


What do you love about what you do?

I love the design process, but it’s such a small part of what I do. Building this business has been a lot of trial and error, as I never studied clothing design, so working with, and discovering local makers to collaborate with has been invaluable. Sourcing new beautiful fabrics to play with is always a thrill too!

How do you think that design can influence our lives? How important is good design?

Good design is so important, but should never compromise the structure or longevity of a product. When you're working with the right materials, good design becomes inherent. Hemp is such a miracle plant; we have so much to learn about its properties and how it can help us build a more sustainable future, especially in Australia with so little resources. I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface, so its a really exciting prospect to continue to build a business that celebrates Hemp and all its many uses. 

Thanks for your time Anny. We look forward to seeing more of your beautifully crafted pieces in time to come.

Thanks guys!

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