Mark Cliene challenges his creativity and craftsmanship on the daily with his work repurposing industrial components for his furniture brand, Industria X. We recently caught up with Mark to chat about his famous industrial aesthetic.

Hi Mark, how are you?

Good thanks!

We’re glad to have you on DuckFeatures; we’ve admired the work you do with Industria X for while now. Tell us a bit about what you do.

I am the designer & production manager for the new furniture produced by Industria X.

Industria X started in 1999 alongside Max Watt's Industria as a shop front on Gertrude Street, Fitzroy. The shop gained a solid reputation as the 'go to' shop for anything ex-industrial and interesting in furniture. The second hand component, Max Watt's Industria, still runs out of the Tyabb Packing House, in Tyabb on the Mornington Peninsular.

Emma & I purchased the business in 2014. Emma's background is art and homewares, and she runs a store in Sorrento called Lumiere Art + Co. Emma is involved in most aspects of the business, and it’s great to have her creative eye around the workshop.


What drew you to carpentry, and in particular, the ex-industrial aesthetic?

My father was a builder, and I’ve always appreciated the industrial style. I really like to be creative and work alongside architects and designers. It’s a very inspiring environment.

How important is sustainability and using recycled materials to you & your business?

There are certain aspects of the process that give us a choice between reclaimed materials over others. Not only is it a popular aesthetic, it’s great to utilize these and lessen waste. I like to use natural sealers, and combine modern day finishers with older techniques.

Where do you draw inspiration for your designs? 

Magazines, books, beautiful homes and homes we’ve constructed and renovated. Inspiration can be found anywhere!

Your partner Emma also has a successful design business, Lumiere Art + Co; How do you two work together?

We work in sync. Emma has a great eye for simplicity and practicality, and I have hands on experience that can be applied to any vision.

Thanks for your time Mark. We look forward to seeing more of your beautifully crafted pieces in time to come.


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