We like to put our best foot forward, but are the shoes we wear the best for our feet?

Good shoes (in our books) are defined by their shape, and specifically, the shape of the toe box. A wider toe box allows your feet to splay and breathe, and accommodates the natural swelling that occurs to our feet throughout the day. 

The health benefits of wider footwear can be felt all over your body. Initially, your toes will thank you, for not cramping or constricting them in footwear that confines your feet and in-turn, your movement.

Your lower back, legs, hips, and posture will also appreciate the space you give your toes. Wider footwear encourages total body movement, ensuring your muscles stay active and work harmoniously to support you. 

Move more freely and choose footwear with wider toe boxes; your body will thank you for it.


Duckfeet Australia