Hi Dan, how are you, what’s been happening?

Hey there! I’m really well, thank you. I have been busy designing and making furniture for lovely people.


Thanks for participating in our Duckfeatures series. You’re the man behind Daniel Poole Studio. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

Yes, I am a furniture designer and maker based in Collingwood. My work is predominantly timber furniture with a little brass work and sometimes metal work. Tables, cabinets and chairs are my interest. I wish to work in this niche to continue developing and refining my designing and making capabilities. I’d rather be a master of one than a jack of all!


How did you get into making furniture?

I pursued furniture design in my first year of university. Industrial Design at RMIT. I loved it, in fact, product design as a whole. I think the challenge of working with timber has some kind of curse, capturing a certain personality. There’s an integrity in timber, but it also has limitations and therefor challenges to actually make what you have designed. So if you want to create something that pushes boundaries or presents in a new way, there is a lot of work in development behind it, skill.


Your work shows an incredibly high and rare attention to the balance of design and detail. Do you plan your designs extensively or just jump in with an idea? Do you have a favourite timber to work with?

I suppose that I do, although I don’t draw anything. I think about and visualize what I am designing for months in advance before I start making, problem solving and refining what it is that’s captivating. I never jump at one idea. I begin with inspiration, which is always design first, but when I design its always considering the joinery, a lot of the time my joinery is the design. Actually quite often my design begins with the joinery. For me, the design and how it’s crafted is one dialogue.

I have consistently valued Maple as a very light timber which has beautiful but quiet characteristics. Walnut is the darker version of this, beautiful but not over bearing on the design. I never want to lose the form of my design due to noisy timber. I also never wish to rely on flashy timbers to glitter up a design, or lack thereof.


Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

I certainly find inspiration in creating beauty. It’s not easy! It’s also sort of infinite. Everyone has a certain perspective and it is always subjective. There are different tastes, styles and certainly maturity in design – directly due to level of exposure.

I am always working at developing and refining my knowledge and skills to produce the most beautiful pieces I can. I work for a client always, they are hiring my experience in design, making and taste which is a reflection of their own.


You only use FSC certified chain of custody or reclaimed timber what does this mean?

Ethically and sustainably sourced.


Do you have a favourite time of day in the workshop? What do you love about your job?

My favorite time is when you check the clock for lunch thinking its 12pm and its 3pm. It means I must be focused and working well and obviously enjoying the process.


We notice you recently relocated your workshop to Melbourne from Ballarat, what’s in store for Timberlab in 2017?

Yes, I spent some time setting up and building my portfolio from Ballarat. I am very happy to return to Melbourne, I really love Collingwood and Fitzroy. This is where my pursuit in furniture began, I completed an apprenticeship in Cabinet Making in Abbottsford and lived in Fitzroy, so I’m very familiar and happy here.

For 2017 and beyond I hope to continue producing and sharing as many beautiful pieces with you as possible!


Thanks for your time Dan. We look forward to seeing more of your beautifully crafted furniture.



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Instagram: @danielpoolestudio


Website: danielpoole.com.au

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