In this weeks' Duckfeet Shoe Review we're taking at look at our well loved mary-janes, Himmerland.

Himmerland is our most popular mary-jane styles, and offers fantastic support, style, and security. 

Style Notes

Duckfeet Himmerland are buckle up shoes made from leather, with crepe rubber soles. We use a strong cow hide leather that softens with wear, and being a natural product, allows for breathability. Hello, Summer shoes!

Himmerland is a good trans-seasonal style that works well in all seasons. Worn with tights for extra warmth, it can be worn in Winter/Autumn. Duckfeet shoes can also be worn with no socks in Summer, and do not get smelly, as the leather is a natural product that breathes. 

Duckfeet shoes are unisex, so anyone can wear these classic shoes.

Fit Notes

These unisex leather shoes are great for narrow or wide feet. Narrow feet will suit this style due to a combination of deep footbed and well-positioned buckle, meaning the foot can be held securely and will not experience too much movement.

The buckles sit a little higher up than on our Lolland shoes, and therefore offer a strOnger hold on the foot and fantastic support for travelling and walking.

Himmerland are suitable for a half or full orthotic, so you can be supported all year round.

Size Notes

Duckfeet Himmerland shoes come in sizes 35 - 46 European. 

The fit of Himmerland is standard for Duckfeet shoes. Duckfeet are designed with space in mind, which is great for both average and wide feet.

It is standard for there to be some movement or spaces in the heel when you initially try on the shoes; this is caused by the leather being stiff, and will dissipate as they wear in.

It's important to ensure your toes do not touch the end of your shoes when standing or walking. 

To ensure you select the correct size, measure your feet by standing on a ruler. Compare your largest measurement against our size chart here for a guide to your Duckfeet size.

If your measurement matches the maximum length of a size, choose the next size up. 

Duckfeet Himmerland come in Black, Brown, Slate, Granate, Cocoa, Blue, and Petrol.

Take a better look at them here.



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