About Us


About Us


Proudly made in Melbourne

Leather and canvas goods made by hand in Melbourne since 2003.

Consciously supporting traditional trades, using materials of integrity, made with good intent.

The Brand:

ATKM is a Melbourne owned and operated carry goods and accessories
label based in Melbourne, Australia. 

With a rich & evolving 20 year history in the leather goods
industry, ATKM is dedicated to honouring the heritage of old world craftsmanship and practices. Since its
establishment in 2003, the brand has remained committed to local design and
production, valuing ethical and sustainable practices that benefit both our
people and communities. 

The History:

Emerging in 2003 during a period of societal turbulence and guided
by the vision of our founder, Simon King. The brand began with the idea of
repurposing discarded airplane seatbelts into functional bag straps, arming
people with bags of purpose and personality, and leading to the launch of our
iconic Runway Model Messenger bag. 

This attitude towards re-imagination and a shifting of perspectives
has remained true to the brand and ATKM is driven by a desire create products
that help you to find a better way forward.

Drawing upon the adage from the classic nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty,
ATKM (’All the King’s Men’) affirms that we can learn from our mistakes
and strive for the betterment of society 

The Design

We understand that in life, to grow we need to shed excess baggage,
embracing a paired back design ethos with products that fit seamlessly into
your everyday pursuits.

All our goods are meticulously handcrafted in our Melbourne workshops.
We proudly support the work of skilled artisans and are committed to making
high quality leather and canvas goods and accessories that are built to
withstand the test of time.

How can we help?


How do I care for my ATKM goods?


To clean your canvas, simply use a dry soft brush to move any dirt or dust. Spot cleaning with cold water is the best way to tackle any marks. Ensure the canvas dries completely before being packed away.

For those of you who like to get your hands (and apron/bag) dirty, a cold machine wash will get your ATKM gear looking tidy in no time. Air dry in a shady space. 


We recommend using a neutral leather conditioner on your bag or wallet every 4-5 months. Apply a small amount to the leather, then buff after a few minutes. This will give your bag a subtle, low shine.

Waterproofing your bag is ok too, although it isn’t essential. Waterproofing sprays will naturally darken and give a matte finish to the leather.


Flax linen is a strong, durable material. Simply airing out your bag is a nice way to freshen it up, although for tougher marks, a cold, gentle wash every now and then is suitable. The leather straps will be fine in the machine. 

Are your goods Australian Made?

Yes, our goods are made from scratch in Melbourne.