Leather is a natural product and we are proud to only use leather of the highest quality. It is coloured and treated minimally to preserve its natural look and properties. Variations in texture or small wrinkles and irregularities should not be seen as errors but rather proof that each shoe is unique. All our shoes are made individually-one at a time, hand stitched and completed by hand. We recommend keeping your Nature shoes away from direct heat and letting them dry naturally at room temperature if they are wet. 

Leather Care
To care for your leather shoes, allow them to dry if wet, then wipe with a soft cloth or apply a soft brush to remove any dirt or debris. Then apply a good natural leather conditioner, allow to dry and buff with a soft cloth.

Suede Care
Allow to dry if wet. Remove any dirt or debris by brushing with a soft brush (you can use an old toothbrush). Some customers also prefer to use a protectant suede spray to preserve the appearance and water resistance of the suede.

Our Vegan collection of footwear is made from an innovative, natural, sustainable, non-woven, cruelty-free textile. It is made of fibres from pineapple leaves which are the by-product of existing agriculture and provide a valuable secondary income source for farmers in the Phillipines. No extra land, water, fertisliser or pesticides are required to produce the material. You can read more about Piñatex® here.

Piñatex® is a natural material, so you can expect slight variations on the surface, in the structure and the colour with a little 'patina' developing over time. This patina can be slightly lighter pineapple-fibres in areas that are most prone to abrasion. To maintain your Piñatex® shoes, we recommend regular application of a good natural leather conditioner. Some customers also prefer to use a protectant waterproofing spray to preserve the appearance and water resistance of the material. Stains can be removed with a soft, damp cloth or sponge. If your shoes become wet allow them to dry naturally at room temperature.

OnSteam® Lining
OnSteam® is a technical leather, as it feels and look much like leather. It is a micro fibre material that we use to line our footwear as it offers six times the breathability of leather in addition to its hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial qualities.

OnSteam® is also chrome-free, produced using a CO2-free manufacturing system and is OekoTex 100 certified.