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About Us


Duckfeet at The Natural Shoe Store

Duckfeet in Denmark have been making shoes by hand for over forty years. Duckfeet are simple and functional, typical of mid-20th century Danish design.

Welcome to The Natural Shoe Store. We are the licensed importer and distributor of Duckfeet for Australia and New Zealand.

We first saw Duckfeet on a friends’ feet, everything about these shoes caught our attention; the quality, the production process, the values of the company, and the design.

We set up shop in Fitzroy ten years ago and started importing the Duckfeet range. Initially, a window on Gertrude Street directed customers to our ‘hidden’ shop, but over the years we’ve grown steadily busier. We developed our following in an old shoe polish factory, and while our store has evolved and moved over the years, the quality and simplicity of Duckfeet remains the same.

You can find us at 31-33 Best St, Fitzroy North, 3068. We love visitors.

Quality is the heart of Duckfeet Shoes.

Duckfeet’s foot-formed, naturally wide fitting design allows room for the toes, and for air to reach the feet. Leather midsoles and uppers give the skin space to breathe and naturally transport moisture away from the foot.

We use leather because it’s strong and long-lasting, but also slightly elastic – allowing the shoe to mould to your foot. The midsole in all models is vegetable tanned. The sole is all natural crepe rubber, which is shock absorbent and flexible.

Our shoes are manufactured in the traditional way. The shoe is built up by hand over a last, then the sole is then stitched firmly to the shaft. Every pair of Duckfeet comes into contact with many experienced hands before they are put in the box, and fitted to your feet.

No two pairs of Duckfeet are exactly alike. Every pair of shoes is treated individually during production, the natural tanning and hand processing results in subtle variations in the leather. These variations are enhanced by the unique way you wear them, which imbues each shoe with personality, a story, a life.

How can we help?

Duckfeet FAQ

Who can wear Duckfeet?

Everyone! Our shoes are naturally wider fitting and can accommodate all foot types. If you have an extra wide or extra narrow foot, come say hello or give us a call so we can help advise on a good style for your foot.

As a unisex shoe, there is no distinction between men and women’s styles; we do not make children's shoes.Answer

Why are my shoes a different shade to those I saw online?

All Duckfeet shoes are handmade and vegetable tanned, to ensure quality and longevity of the product. This means there can be slight variations in each product, making your pair of Duckfeet entirely unique.

Please remember computer screens can distort colours depending on your brightness/contrast settings.Answer

Can I order a style, colour or size you do not have in stock?

AnswerYes, we can special order styles, colours or sizes if we do not currently have them on hand. Please email us at info@thenaturalshoestore.com.au to check availability. 

What is my size?

Duckfeet are designed in Denmark and run in European sizes 35 through to 50.

When ordering online, please measure you foot and compare it against our size chart. To measure your foot, stand against a wall and measure from your heel to the tip of your big toe, to the nearest millimetre.

If you are on the maximum measurement for a size selection, we recommend going up a size to accommodate any swelling that naturally happens to our feet during the day. 

Our size chart is here.

How do I care for my soles?

Our soles are made from natural rubber, which is a wonderful material for comfort and durability. Depending on how you individually wear your Duckfeet you may find you need to resole more or less frequently. Please get in touch with us if you're not sure.

To best care for your soles you should avoid storing them anywhere which will expose them to high temperatures or strong sunlight, such as a sun room or your car. This may cause the soles to become soft and sticky which may result in them needing to be resoled. 

Exposing the soles to solvents can also cause the soles to dissolve or become sticky. 

Why have my soles become sticky?

As our soles are made from natural rubber they can become sticky when exposed to certain chemicals or heat. If your soles have become sticky we suggest washing them in cold soapy water or placing them in the freezer overnight, we've found this to work for some customers however it is not guaranteed.

If you find these methods do not work for you we suggest resoling, which we can do for a fee.

How do I best care for my Duckfeet?

When caring for your Duckfeet, we recommend using a natural leather conditioner to treat them. A little conditioner every 2 to 3 months is recommended. Take a look at our wear guide for more info.

We can also resole your Duckfeet. Please either drop or post them into our Fitzroy North store with your return address and phone number, and we will return them to you, good as new.


Resole (drop off & pick up): $100

Resole (post in & return postage): $120