• Are the Baabuks itchy since they are made out of wool? The wool that many of you remember of is the one from our grandmothers that were itchy and unpleasant to wear. However, wool is a natural fiber that comes in different thicknesses and can be extremely comfortable. For example, cashmere is a wool fiber that is very soft and fluffy.  To make the Baabuk shoes, we use a very fine wool fiber that is thick enough to be resistant and durable
  • Are the Urban Wooler, sneakers, and BAABUK slippers waterproof? The fibers of the wool are naturally covered with a special waxy coating. Therefore, wool is water repellent and will be less exposed to stains as spills will less easily be absorbed by the fabric.
  • What if the shoe gets wet? If the shoes have gotten wet, simply remove then and dry at room temperature and avoid putting them in a dryer. The wool will not get damaged by water and will not shrink, as the raw material has already been washed and felted. 
  • Which model is for girls / boys? All of our shoes - slippers and sneakers - are unisex.

  • Where are the shoes made? The slippers are handmade in Nepal in our own workshop build from scratch. The sneakers and Urban Woolers are made in Portugal. This country seemed to be the right place to produce these sneakers due to their knowledge and experience in shoe making. 
  • Where does the wool come from? The wool used to make the slippers comes from New Zealand. The wool used to make the sneakers and Urban Woolers comes from Portugal. The sheeps are happily bred in the natural park of Serra da Estrela. 
  • Why does the wool come from New Zealand? We chose to buy a wool coming from New Zealand because the washing process is more environmental friendly. As a matter of fact, only water and soap are used. The water is then recycled, avoiding the rivers to be polluted. 
  • What about the shipping costs? Shipping within Australia is free for any order over $100, with the option for express shipping charged at $15. Shipping to New Zealand is $20.
  • What are the different payment methods? Three payment methods are available for the client on www.baabuk.com.au: credit cards, Paypal and Afterpay.

  • What about return, exchange, and refund policy? Not suitable articles can be returned within 15 days of arriving. Returned items must be in their original state. To swap for the next size please contact us within 15 days of the order arriving. For more information, please refer to the article “RETURN, EXCHANGE AND REFUND POLICY” of “Terms and conditions”.
  • What if the received product is defective? If you notice anything you may consider defective, please contact us prior to wearing the product. 
  • SLIPPERS: How can I wash my BAABUK slippers? We do not recommend the usage of the washing machine. However, with a humid cloth you can clean the surface of the slippers to remove the dirt and dust.
  • SLIPPERS: What is the sole of the slippers made of? The sole of the Gus and Jeremy slippers are made of 100% natural latex.
  • SNEAKERS: How can I wash my Urban Wooler? You can put your Urban Woolers and sneakers in the washing machine under the “wool” program (30 degrees celsius, gentle spin) without any issue! You might as well use a special wool detergent.

  • SNEAKERS: Are the Urban Wooler sneakers adequate for the cold & hot weather? Wool is an insulating material. It will protect your feet from the cold in the winter and keep them cool in the summer. So enjoy your pair of Baabuk at any time of the year.

  • SNEAKERS: What is the difference between an "Urban Wooler" and a sneaker? We are talking about Urban Wooler as a generic name. Urban Wooler is a sneaker. We have two models: 1) Baabuk Urban Wooler: more dynamic sole, elastics, and five colors to choose from. 2) Baabuk sneakers: flat sole, laces, and four colors combinations to choose from.

  • SNEAKERS:  What are the soles made of? The soles of the Urban Wooler are made with TPR and the soles of the sneakers are made with rubber.
  • SNEAKERS: Can I get the sole out to put an orthopedic sole instead? Yes, the inner sole can be removed. Therefore, you can insert the sole of your choice in your pair of Baabuks.

If you have any further questions, we would be delighted to help you per e-mail: info@baabuk.com.au