Elk is a wild animal that has been a part of Scandanavian nature since the Stone Ages. Elk does not require care or resources from humans, as they live free in the wilderness. The king of the forest has no natural predators, so authorities must control its population. The number of elk is calculated annually. Based on this data, the Finnish Wildlife Agency grants hunting permits that help keep the elk population at a target  level.

Wildlife population control is necessary to guarantee the continuity  and vitality of the species. Overpopulation would cause malnutrition, increase the number of fatal vehicle crashes and cause damage to forests.

The hunting season is limited from September to December. Finnish  tradition guides hunters to respect their prey, and the Hunting Act  prohibits causing unnecessary pain and suffering to animals.  The Hunting Act also protects our nature: hunters move in the wilderness on foot and the use of vehicles or machinery in hunting is forbidden.

Genuinely ethical leather is made from the hide of free and happy animals. Our leathers will never be mass produced; they are unique natural products. The wilderness can be felt and seen in our leather and maintaining its natural character is a matter of pride for us. In practice this means that there will be minor natural imperfections such as scratches and light abrasions visible in the finished product.


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