Tracey Emney is a nutritionist trying to make busy lives that little bit easier with her new pre-prepared food delivery initiative, We Feed You. I asked Tracey about catering to tricky diets, and the best tips for looking after our health.


Hi Tracey, welcome to DuckFeatures! Tell us a bit about what you do.

I'm a partner in 'we feed you' an exciting new ready-made frozen meal delivery service that takes the hard work out of eating well for busy people.

What is the idea behind We Feed You? Was there a gap in the market you wanted to fill?

T: Many people want to eat great quality, nutritious food but don’t have the time to do all the meal planning, shopping and cooking themselves. I’m a busy working mum with two young kids, and I have this challenge myself so I decided to turn this into a business opportunity and partnered with a Dietitian and one of Melbourne’s leading chefs to create a whole new way of thinking about frozen ready-made meals.

Why does nutrition matter so much to you and ‘we feed you’?

We wanted to offer consumers meals which are nutrient dense and taste great.

With a dietician and chef in our team, we wanted to create meals that reflect the sort of foods we love to eat ourselves: plenty of flavour, texture, heaps of vegetables, nutrient rich, and a varied menu.

Frozen-ready made meals are nothing new however our research identified that most options on the market today are not rich in nutrients. Many are 70% rice, pasta or sauce with a very small portion of protein and vegetables – mostly corn, peas and carrots!

What do you love about what you do?

I love making busy people’s lives easier so they can spend more time doing the things they love.

For me it’s about spending more time with my kids rather than preparing meals every night of the week. I also love working with a great team who share a similar passion and are a fun team to work with.

Charlotte Miller - in house Chef & Dietician

What’s the easiest habit we could all change to lead to a healthier lifestyle?

Simply eat well most of the time. Stop dieting and eliminating foods you love.

Unless you have an allergy or intolerance, there is no need to eliminate any foods from your diet. It’s all about moderation and being in tune with yourself and food. 

We Feed You caters to a huge range of diets. What is your philosophy towards those that have potentially tricky intolerances or allergies?

Many of our clients are people without allergies or intolerance but we also cater for vegetarian, vegan, low-fodmap, diabetic friendly, coeliac, fructose and lactose intolerant, and all of our meals are gluten-free, onion and garlic-free.

We know from many of our customers with food intolerances that they struggle to access simple-to-prepare, great tasting food. The feedback from these customers has been tremendous; they are loving finally having access to great ready-made frozen meals which suit their individual needs.

What’s next for ‘we feed you’? 

Great question! We are only just getting started, with lots of exciting plans to expand our menu including kids and family size portions. We are also expanding where we deliver across Melbourne so watch this space!

Thanks for your time!

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