Welcome to our first Duckfeet Shoe Review, where we'll be talking through the fit and design of the Duckfeet range.

This week we're taking a closer look at the fit of our classic unisex Winter boots, 'Odense'.

There is no doubt that as Winter takes hold wool-lined boots look more appealing. In cooler months we crave warmth and security, and that is exactly what Odense offers.

Style Notes

Duckfeet Odense are lace up boots made from leather, with crepe rubber soles. The lining is 100% natural wool stitched to a gauze backing for breathability.

The laces mean you can secure your feet & ankles in, so we recommend this style for travel or walking.

Fit Notes

These unisex leather boots are great for narrow or wide feet.

The laces offer fantastic support for travelling, walking, and problematic ankles. 

Great in snow or cold weather, the crepe rubber is supportive and hardwearing.

Suitable for an orthotic, and for those who are affected by cold Winter weather (chilblains etc.).

Size Notes

The wool lining of our Odense boots means you may need to go up one size. 

Measure your feet by standing on a ruler, and compare your largest measurement against our size chart here.

If your measurement matches the maximum length of a size, choose the size up.

While the wool will compact and give you a little more space over time, it's important to ensure your toes do not touch the end of your shoes when standing or walking.


Duckfeet Odense boots come in Black, Slate, Chocolate and Brown. Take a better look at them here.


Odense in Brown

Odense in Black

Odense in Chocolate


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