Hi Laura, how are you?

I’m good! Just enjoying this beautiful weather we keep getting bursts of!


It seems like you’re one incredibly productive lady, tell us a bit about your creative pursuits. What led you to doing what you do?

So basically I’m one semester off from finishing my Bachelor of Fashion Design which is taking a bit longer to finish than I expected because I keep getting distracted by other fun things. Those fun things include being the sewing lady/ seamstress/pattern-maker for Melbourne label Abbey Rich which I’ve been doing full time now for a couple of years, as well as doing freelance dressmaking and a bit of graphic design stuff on the side. Jam packed but all fun!



You’re studying fashion right now, where and how would you like to be working in the industry when you finish?

I haven’t really worked that part out just yet, I’m (obviously) drawn to home grown labels and sustainably produced slow fashion, so I can’t really see myself heading off to a big company. But I do want to learn as much as I possibly can, so just want to use the couple of skills I have to expand on other people's current passion projects and learn from what other people in small businesses are doing.



What excites you about fashion? Who or what are your sources of inspiration?

Fashion is just such an interesting part of our lives, it stems from something so practical as having to wear clothes for environmental and social reasons, but then has developed so far beyond that it’s amazing. I mean everyone on the planet has an opinion about fashion because it’s been a part of our lives everyday since we were born.

Everyone chooses where they fall on the scale from art fashion to practical fashion and within all of those choices comes the wearer's personality. I think it’s pretty cool like that.

I’m usually inspired just from getting the heck out of my usual spaces, going on a nice roadie with a bud always works when I’m Stuck for ideas. Or if I don't have that kind of time, going for a cheeky cycle usually helps bring a bit of clarity to my work. I think that’s pretty common for most people but it just works.



Do you have a favourite fabric/fibre/palette? How would you describe your style?

I’m honestly not sure if I'll ever move on from linen, probably stemming from my dislike of ironing! In terms of my colour palette I always make a beeline for yellow in any fabric store and to accompany a good mustard I love to surround it with some pastels. Basically: All colour. Always.

Someone once described my style as Amish: Dipped in colour, basically natural fabrics in non fitted silhouettes with a stack of colour on top.



Where can people check out more of your work?

Just follow along on my Instagram, I’ve got some fun things coming up soon so feel free to check it out.



Thanks for the chat Laura!

Thank you! I honestly rave about Duckfeet to whoever will listen so I feel very honoured!



Connect with Laura here:

Instagram: laurasewsthings

Pinterest: laurasewsthings

Email: laurag_clark@outlook.com






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